Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vintage Pre-Festival Party

Yesterday I got the whole crowd out to The Vestry bar in Chichester for the Vintage at Goodwood pre-festival party. There was to be a prize for the best-dressed, so I made extra effort with my hair to achieve the most successful victory rolls I've ever managed - yay. The gorgeous 1940s rayon tea dress I got in a swap with dirtybirdyvintage on etsy.

Matin's look was based on a picture in a 1952 "Practical Householder" DIY magazine - having persuaded him and all my friends to dress up for the occasion, I realised I know next to nothing about vintage men's styles, so I dragged out my collection of vintage Picture Posts and other magazines for inspiration! He looked rather dapper, I thought.

In the event, hardly anyone who went to the Vestry - besides us - was dressed vintage! I was slightly disappointed - after seeing the efforts people make at Goodwood Revival, I really thought there would be more vintage. But at the same time it made me hopeful that I would win the prize for best-dressed (the prize was a ticket to Vintage, which I already have anyway so that didn't really matter, but it's always nice to receive recognition). I was nominated for the award - by Wayne Hemingway himself, no less - but I lost to a girl in 60s fancy dress. But I did get photographed by someone who works for Grazia magazine, so yay :)

The gang! Top right above and bottom right below are some of the only other people to dress vintage for the night. Irene's Mondrian dress was supplied by me from my ebay shop.


  1. the girl that won was not in fancy dress and dresses this way every day.


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