Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who's going to Vintage at Goodwood?

Vintage at Goodwood. 13th - 15th August. I'll be there. Fleur will surely be there. Who else is coming? We could get some sort of blogger meet-up thing going on.

I also got 2-for-1 on weekend tickets, but no buddy to share it with (vintage isn't really Matin's thing at the best of times, and as he'll be fasting for Ramadan the thought of trudging round Vintage in the midsummer heat is somewhat less than appealing). So let me know if you want to come in with me on that.


  1. Wish I was nearby..that sounds fantastic!

  2. I'll be there! I'm camping friday and saturday night, but only have tickets for the actual festival on the Saturday, wish I'd booked a weekend ticket now!


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