Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wishlist Revisited

I've revisited the Wishlist I made back in March, to see how much progress I've made on it. Disappointingly little (although I haven't bought much for myself lately - been feeling poor). Worse, I've added some more must-haves.

I have ticked the box for vintage swimsuit, although I don't know if I'd feel comfortable wearing it to the pool - I'd worry about the effects of chlorine on vintage fabrics. And I've been on the brink of clicking the 'buy' button at What Katie Did twice already this week, so that's only a matter of time (I want it in time for Vintage at Goodwood).

But besides that, my wishlist-fulfilment programme has been a rather sad failure so far. And there's more I want - nay, need:
  • A pink dress. So I can wear pink and red with aplomb.
  • A red sundress, so I can wear the bolero I have that's almost identical to the one Fleur wore at the Vintage at Goodwood taster event last year (my bolero was obviously part of a similar set, but the matching dress is no longer with it. I feel a plain red or stripe would do as a substitute).
  • A blue polka dot dress. I've decided to sell mine, since it's never really fitted so I rarely wore it.
  • A proper pouffy crinoline.
  • Narrow belts in pink and red.
  • Red shoes - preferably Mary Janes.


  1. What a lovely wishlist!! Shame to hear you haven't made much progress-the only progress I have made on mine recently is to buy a crinoline.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. This wishlist is a good one! Im sorry you havent made much progress =( but I really do love the idea of a wishlist! (hmm i should make one..) Good Luck!



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