Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1943 in Shoes

Gosh has it really been five days since my last post? Bad blogger! I was working (obsessively, some might say) on my latest fabric repro (I went with the dancing ladies in the end. It was rather more complicated than I had anticipated, what with all the interlocking elements - but I love how it came out).

Anyway, on with the shoes! Well into the war, 1943 seems to have been the year of the Sensible Shoe! Of course these ads are all taken from my Everywoman magazines, and not Vogue or other high fashion editorials. I love how Joyce seem to try and persuade you that it's practically a patriotic duty to buy their shoes. And how the Liberty ad is the only shoe ad not to show any actual shoes!

And this from the Board of Trade on getting the best wear out of your shoes:


  1. The Swan is quite nice but by crikey Some of these are clumpy!


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