Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An English Country Village

Back in May, when we passed through the tiny village of Bramber on our ten mile training walk, I rather fell in love with the place and told Matin we had to come back for a visit sometime. So yesterday we did. It's an utterly charming and fantastically picturesque village with a ruined Norman castle, intact Norman church and medieval houses.

There's one particularly amazing 15th century timber-framed house, St. Mary's, which is open to the public, but we missed going inside (makes a good excuse for another visit!). However, their neighbour was passing by as I posed by the garden gate, and invited us into his garden to take some pictures. It was everything you could hope for from an English country garden - tiny, in keeping with the miniature scale of Bramber, and like something out of a fairytale, with arches dripping with foliage, climbing roses, romantic hanging lanterns, a tinkling fountain and stone statuary.

He also told us to come back at Christmas time, as the village is all illuminated. I can imagine it being quite magical. Isn't Sussex great?

King Charles II is claimed to have stayed at Bramber during his escape to France after defeat at the Battle of Worcester. The Monarch's Way long-distance footpath, following Charles's supposed route to Shoreham-by-Sea, crosses the River Adur at Bramber.

And on to the outfit... I bought the hat at Vintage at Goodwood the other week - I got a bit carried away at the Tasty Vintage stall. Because I paid slightly more than I usually would for a hat I'm making myself wear it, so I constructed a 1930s-influenced outfit around it, raiding my own stock room for the polka dot pussy-bow blouse (which I've now removed from sale, so you've missed out!).

♥ 1930s hat, Tasty Vintage
♥ 1970s blouse, charity shop
♥ Skirt, Marks & Spencer
♥ Clip-on earrings, car boot sale
♥ 1930s grosgrain handbag, charity shop
♥ Belt, Topshop via ebay
♥ Photos by Mr. Matin


  1. Oh that village is wonderful. The hat = DIVINE!!!!!!

  2. Oh how funny this small world is :) My Dad was from Hove and his best friend & his wife now live in Steyning, which is right beside Bramber and I have walked around the castle and churchyard! Though I haven't been into the village, just around Steyning a little. I love that you're in the UK, and I'm in Canada, but I still know exactly what you're talking about :D

  3. what a great hat!!! everything always looks so nice in your blog!

  4. you look adorable ;) And that village is so cute, we dont have anything like that in the states!!!


  5. Simply gorgeous. I absolutely love how you can just stumble into history in the UK. Australia is too young, unfortunately...

    b. of Depict This!


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