Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vintage Event at Cancer Research

Charity shops have always been a good place to pick up vintage clothing, but all the charity shops around us are far too clued-up about vintage for any real bargains to be found. The Cancer Research shop even has a vintage section. Chichester had a vintage event at the weekend, sponsored by Vintage at Goodwood (*edit* I applied for press accreditation for the event and they initially turned me down, so I was all "Yah boo sucks", as my father would say. I never did understand what the heck that meant. Anyway, they now appear to have reversed their decision, and my press pass is on its way!)

There was a competition for the best vintage window display, and I must say Cancer Research pulled out all the stops, the display was amazing. Their window display had a beautiful vintage dressing table and matching wardrobe (I'm not so good at dating furniture, I'd guess circa 1920s-30s, but really it could be anything from Victorian to 50s as far as I know!), and loads of accessories and paper ephemera.

They had mostly 1970s clothing, of course (actually some quite nice 70s dresses, if you're into that sort of thing), but all priced up at distinctly uncharitable levels. I did buy a 1950s (ish?) straw 'coolie' hat (which wasn't in brilliant condition - the pink dye has faded considerably, and it needs steaming into shape) for £6.50, and a black grosgrain box purse for about the same (can't remember exactly). Mostly I just enjoyed being surrounded by vintage!


  1. What a great idea and display. Wish my local CR shops would do this! And defo Yah boo sucks to the folks who wouldn't give you press. How can you not want more press?!

  2. these photos are amazing! what a great display!



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