Friday, August 20, 2010

Which to repro next?

I've finally completed work on my repro of the Deco Fans feedsack I posted about ages ago, so I'm ready for my next repro project. But I've collected so many novelty fabrics as inspiration I just can't pick which one to do next!

The sewing and ironing ones are obviously part of a series with the laundry day feedsack I already repro'd. Casey posted the sailor one recently (check her post to see the full advert, with the fabric made up into an outfit). The zoo one is utterly irresistable - it's from a 1950s circle skirt posted on Debutante Clothing last year. The dancing ladies print is one I came across at the weekend and looked beautiful made up into a tea dress (unfortunately it didn't fit me. And was £100). And aren't the cowboys cute?

Help me out here!


  1. I'd do the dancing ladies ~ the duck egg greeny~blue and the lines just scream vintage to me! I seriously wish I had some fabric just like that ~ I would make a lovely shirt waist dress with a full skirt out of it.


    b. of Depict This!

  2. They're all adorable! I'm torn between the cowboys and the ladies!

  3. I am loving all of these! Are these fabrics ones that you find or do you have them custom printed for you? I love the ladies or the zoo!!

  4. Brittany, these fabrics are all original vintage. I mostly find them on ebay, others I've photographed in real life. I'm gradually digitally reproducing some of my favourite designs so I can make up some clothes in them!


  5. That is so awesome! I'll have to check spoonflower to see if I can find some fabrics as adorable as these!! :)

  6. They are all so cute but I think I like the zoo one best :)


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