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Winchester is less than an hour away from us but this is the first time I've been. Winchester has been around as a town since Roman times. It was capital of King Alfred the Great's Kingdom of Wessex, and later of England. William the Conqueror's Domesday Book was compiled in the city. The ancient Pilgrims' Way travelling to Canterbury also begins at Winchester.

Also, do you like my new dress? Matin bought it for me at Vintage at Goodwood from local-to-me vintage store Dead Man's Glory. I love the print (it's going on my to-repro list!), but I found it a slightly awkward colour combination to accessorise (I need a pair of brown shoes, clearly).

Anyway, I received several compliments on my outfit, which is always lovely.

After checking out the charity shops (which brought one small triumph in the shape of an 80s-does-50s multicolour gingham full swing skirt) we embarked on a walking tour around the heart of the ancient capital. Above are King Alfred's statue and the City Bridge, built in 1813. Below is the Cheyney Court, where bishops met to hear legal cases.

Winchester Cathedral, on which construction began in 1079, is the largest Gothic cathedral in the country. In its grounds are buried various historical figures including Bishops of Winchester, Anglo-Saxon and later monarchs such as King Canute and William Rufus (whose memorial stone we visited when we went camping to the New Forest - I've just realised there are a whole lot of pictures from our trip which I never posted!) and author Jane Austen.

Winchester's so nice - we were only there for an afternoon, and I can't wait for a chance to go back and visit more historic landmarks, including a look inside the cathedral (our parking ticket was running out so we had to get back to the car).

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  1. Love the photos! I will definitely have to visit Winchester--it looks like a great little town. I also love, love, love your outfit!

  2. It looks really lovely - I'll have to go there when I move to the UK:)

  3. I love the last shot!!! what wonderful fun!!


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