Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1910s "Millinery of the Moment"

Following on from my Edwardian Millinery post the other day, we move into the 1910s. Vast and ornate hats continued to be the order of the day into the early part of the decade. Then, around the outbreak of War, hats suddenly became smaller - the forerunners of the close-fitting cloche hats which reigned through the roaring twenties.

Woman's Life, June 1911

Advert for "Perfexa Rainproof Tulle", also June 1911

Woman's Life, October 1911

"Hints for Hat Renovations", from Woman's Life, October 1911

It's this last, from November 1914, which interests me the most. I'm especially intrigued by the novel ideas for embellishment under the brim - fluffy ostrich feathers, a rose, even a wing. Plus there's a cherry hat (which I happen to collect). This one is a miniature top hat - a style that would be revived and embraced with vigour in the late thirties and early forties.

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  1. I love the top hat, it's super cute. ^__^

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