Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Candy Colours

This is what I wore yesterday - I'm running a day behind on my outfit posts.

August has been such a total washout that I actually rotated my closet for autumn weeks ago, but the sun seems to have finally decided to put in a reappearance. This is the skirt I got at the weekend in Winchester. I rarely go full-on fifties style - when I emulate a specific era rather than a general, mix-and-match "vintage inspired" style, it's generally forties. But fifties is a lot of fun to wear - plus it's much easier to pull my hair into a ponytail than victory rolls!

The canal is across the road from where we live - people think we have one of those posh blue houses when we give our address (we're on Canal Place; this is Canal Wharf).
80s-does-50s skirt, charity shop in Winchester; Cardigan, car boot sale; Sandals, Marks & Spencer; 1950s hand painted box basket purse, either ebay or etsy; Lucite daisy brooch, Squirrel Antiques; 1950s sunglasses, ebay; Petticoat, charity shop.

And in keeping with the candy theme, here are some sweet-toothed vintage adverts from the early-mid 50s. I'll try to scan some more later on - I've got so many more with great graphics (the trouble with my 1950s magazines is that they're bigger than the scanner, so I have to scan and stitch, which is time-consuming).


  1. Hi there.. I've only just discovered you and love following what you're wearing. You've got great taste. I've only just discovered all of this and am loving it. I didn't realise how big vintage is. Love the little basket purse and the 50s skirt! Thanks, Katy :)

  2. What on earth is blamange?! Is it pudding? I've never heard of such a thing.

    Lovely outfit, by the way! The colours of that skirt are just perfect for spring.

  3. That skirt is from the 80s? I would have never guessed, it looks so 50s. I love this ensemble. It definitely is as sweet as candy!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  4. Ooo, such a cute skirt and adorable purse! The fifties style looks good on you ~ I am usually a forty's gal too, but I do have a healthy admiration for fifties as well.

    b. of Depict This!

  5. Just do you put those vintage pics behind your actual photos? Could you give us a little tutorial?


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