Friday, September 17, 2010

Cheer up - it's Suit Weather!

What's great about cooler weather? Suits, of course! For smartness about town there's nothing to beat a primly tailored 40s suit or a divinely feminine 50s New Look suit. And of course it's perfect for the transitional weather period when really it's too chilly for a frock, but not so cold that you want to break out the overcoat. I'm still trying to minimise my shopping whilst attempting to build the ultimate vintage capsule wardrobe, so I've narrowed down my autumn essentials to:
  • Fitted suit. I have three 1940s suit jackets; two are missing the matching skirt, and the skirt to match the third is miles too small. I have one complete suit in beige which is awaiting dyeing.
  • Jumper dress. I'm ridiculously excited about the concept of making a jumper/pinafore dress in bright red wool. And possibly a second in plaid/tartan, which is, of course, a vintage wardrobe staple for autumn/winter.
  • Tweed skirt. Another cool weather must-have - wear it mid-calf and slightly flared, 1930s style; knee-length and A-line for a 40s look; or work the 1950s in a mid-calf wiggle style.
  • Trousers. Dare I break the habit of a lifetime and perhaps think about maybe consider wearing actual trousers? I've been eyeing up Heyday's 1940s style trousers for a while - especially since I feel the cold so badly in winter.
  • Knitwear. You may recall my ongoing search for the perfect red cardigan. I also crave a 1940s knitted sweater. The nights are drawing in, so what better way to spend an evening than curled up on the sofa clickety-clacking away in front of the TV, with the wood burning stove going (yes, we have a wood burning stove). Of course, I don't actually know how to knit, so My sister is going to teach me, and then I'm going to tackle one of the hundreds of knitting patterns in my vast collection of vintage magazines (only problem is, which one to choose?).
  • A circle skirt in felt or quilted fabric for extra warmth. This is on my to-sew list (in felt with wacky appliques!).
  • Hats! In cool weather it's so much easier to wear a hat without drawing funny looks (not that that ever stops me, of course). The ultimate hat for both wearability and style is a simple beret, which goes with anything (I have three - one red, one navy blue and one off-white).


  1. I love this type of weather. Have been wearing my suits for two weeks now and am a very happy lady. It's so hard to be stylish in summer :(

  2. This is the first sweater I ever knit:
    a little vintage-y and very easy. Vintage knitting patterns can be difficult to read and often involve teeny tiny yarn. Good luck!


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