Sunday, September 12, 2010

Edwardian "Millinery of the Moment"

I'm all about the hats this week! For those still waiting for the instructions to make a record hat, I promise I haven't forgotten - I'm visiting family for a long weekend and although I took all the pictures I need for the tutorial before I came, I forgot the camera (duh!), so I'll post the whole thing when I get back home.

In the meantime, I've been scanning my collection of Edwardian / 1910s magazines for inspiration - there's a wealth of millinery ideas. In fact there's so much I'm spreading the images over a two-part post.

March 1906 - the article goes into great detail (continuing over the page, which I haven't included, but I'll put on my flickr) about the various millinery materials and trims that were in vogue for spring that year.

May 1907 - although this piece is about the clothes, not the hats, the little tilt number with feathered wings rather steals the show.

June 1908 - apparently enormous hats were just the thing for summer 1908, high-crowned and extravagantly trimmed.

October 1909 - massive hats continue to be fashionable. The revived "tricorne" shown in No. 4 is especially smart and becoming for winter wear, and particularly for roller skating. Love it!

June 1910 - understably floral styles are predominant, but the "smart little turban of draped grey chiffon" is rather unusual.

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