Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodwood Revival Day 1

The Goodwood Revival Festival saw the official debut of my completed record hat. I exchanged the original (temporary) ribbon flower with a vintage millinery rose, added a vintage ostrich feather, and trimmed the veiling slightly so it comes above my eyes.

My wardrobe is showing a distinct lack of red and black (must remedy that!), so I ended up wearing exactly the same as I wore the other day on the hat's first outing. But enough about me - what was everyone else wearing?

There were sooo many gorgeous outfits! Most people make the effort to dress up, and there was everything from fab millitary uniforms to gorgeous fifties sun dresses and 60s mod minis.

But of course, it's all about the forties for me!


  1. Hello there. I swear I saw you at GWood as I was walking towards the clothes bit and you were heading to the tunnel... I recognised that fab hat! couldn't stop to say hi as I was with el mother-in-law. anyway, I'm stopping by now to say would have hello and that you have fab style :) G x


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