Thursday, September 2, 2010

My To-Sew List

Now that completion of the Big Apple Dress is in sight (it's got sleeves now! Only the side zip and hem to go!) I'm already planning my next hundred or so sewing projects. In fact I've had so many project ideas spinning round in my head for so long that it's about time I collated them into a real List (we know how much I love Lists) that I can tick them off. I might pick an easier one next...

♥ 1930s skirt - probably adapted from a later pattern (I've got my eye on an 80s one). After my 1930s look the other day I want to explore the thirties a little more, and an autumnal skirt seems as good a place to start as any. I'm thinking a brown tweed or plaid, which I'll wear with duck-egg blue - a classic 30s colour scheme.

♥ 1950s fruity sundress - I have the fabric for this already. Don't even think about pointing out that it's nearly autumn - we're planning a trip to Thailand in November, so that'll do perfectly.

♥ 1950s wiggle skirt - a useful everyday skirt from the "simple to make" Simplicity 1345. I think one in red wool.

♥ 1940s tea dress in my repro dancing ladies fabric. I'm not sure what pattern I want to use though - it needs to be elegant, with quite simple lines so the pattern doesn't get lost. I've found a possible, but it's not my size. We'll see...

♥ Peasant blouse from 1950s pattern and red and white tablecloth gingham circle skirt so I can perch on rustic countryside fences and play Elvgren pin-up.

♥ Jumper/pinafore dress or two in wool - my latest autumn must-have.

♥ 1930s/40s sailor blouse (kicking myself for not buying the Wearing History pattern while it was still available!).

♥ Circle skirt in an atomic print (or the repro of the 1950s zoo print I'm currently working on).

♥ Navy blue polka dot 1940s shirt waister. Since it seems unlikely that exactly the right vintage version is going to come up in my size and price range.

♥ A Mad-Men era wiggle dress in wool. Advance 9258 would be the perfect pattern, so I'm on the hunt for that (I've found one very similar, but it's got short kimono sleeves and I want long inset sleeves. I'm not really advanced enough to start messing about customising patterns, but I may have to give it a go!).

♥ Crinoline - it can't be hard, can it? Vintage ones are so expensive, and modern ones always have the net bunched up at the waist, which adds too much bulk.

Enough already - it's taken over a month to sew one dress, this will be enough to keep me going through next summer! But which to tackle first? I think after the challenge of the apple dress I'll go for something which will come together quickly, so I reckon the 50s wiggle skirt. Might go fabric shopping tomorrow...


  1. haha. your sewing list looks about like my sewing list, and I sew all the time, and yet I still have about 15 things left to make before summer ends. My sewing plans never go according to schedule. Good luck

  2. YAY! Can't wait to see the apple dress and your other creations!

  3. This made me smile when I read it, because it is exactly something that I have done! I am only just beginning to sew but I already have enough fabric and patterns and ideas to last for the next two years at the rate I am going!! >0<

    bonita of Depict This!

  4. You have such a cute blog and SO many adorable ideas! I can't wait to see your finished products! Good luck!!


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