Friday, September 24, 2010

New Forest - Monday

Just a little catch-up from our long-weekend camping trip. On Monday we went to Lyndhurst, known as the "Capital of the New Forest", and a very pretty town. There are a couple of antique shops and charity shops, but I didn't find anything there. In fact my best finds were from Pinapple Retro, right near our campsite in Brockenhurst, where I bought a 1940s/50s felt wide-brimmed hat and a whole bunch of vintage millinery flowers and feathers. The millinery was all very crushed, but after a bit of steaming and restoration work they'll go onto record hats for my etsy shop.

Beret, Accessorize; 1940s suit jacket, Ebay; Skirt, made to measure in Thailand; Vintage gloves, can't remember.

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