Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your Hat and Your Hair (1947)

Wind-swept hair gives one a lovely back-to-nature feeling during the summer months, but there always comes the moment when a hat must be worn, for a visit to town, a garden party or a wedding.

It won't do your hair or your morale any good to try last-minute hairdos for these occasions because no matter how successful they may be, at first glance, your hat says "No" as soon as it tries to fit into the picture.

If, like the girl above (Janet Blair of Columbia Pictures), your hat is the provocative, tipped-over-one-eye type -- curled brim, masses of flowers and just the thing for a special party -- then your hair must contrast by being sleek and shining, swept up and utterly sophisticated.

This means getting rid of your wind-blown locks the night before the occasion when you must wear the hat. Brush up and up, and pin dampened ends into curls at the side where they'll be revealed by the hat. Next day, a little brilliantine on your hairbrush will take care of rebellious ends, curls can be softly rolled and pinned into place, and your hat will go just where you want it.

For less formal occasions there's a charming hair style to go with the ever-popular beret, and in the two photos alongside you can see what a perfect match they are.

Without a hat, longish hair can be sleeked down to the nape of the neck and then brushed out into soft fullness at the back, with a large wave at one side, brought well forward to flatter the profile.

The second picture shows how well the beret "sits" on the fringe, upswept line at one side contrasting perfectly with downswept hair.

If, on the other hand, your hat is a plain halo, or unadorned back-of-the-head sailor, you can keep the back hair smooth and be as fussy as you like with forehead and side curls. These form a charming frame for the face, but only if your hat is simple and pinned well back.

A snugly-fitting cap goes best with short hair curled at front, sides and back, making a natural "hair-brim." The crown, of course, must be kept smooth so that the cap fits it like a glove and needs no pinning.

For the opposite type of hat -- the sailor which sits straight forward or the large curved brim which shades your eyes -- you can choose either of these hair styles: Have the top smooth and the back as curly as you wish; or the top again smooth, and the back (if your hair is long) arranged in a neat chignon or a knot.

Hair styles depend on your individual type and taste, but with each hat you must consider it as part of your hairdo. They belong together.


  1. charming article. Thise old beauty and style tips are hard to beat arent they?!

  2. How fun! Having branched out into wearing hats more often, it's neat to see how hair and hats have to compliment each other--something I've been discovering. Thanks for sharing this!

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  3. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Ah, schooling on the ways of hat and hair, for it would not do to get either wrong! ~__^

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~


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