Monday, October 18, 2010

1920s Beaded Dress

Goodness, not a peep for five days, and then three posts in a day! I just thought I'd share what my weekend looked like.

A while ago Mummy gave me the tattered remains of two 1920s Art Deco beaded silk flapper dresses. They were both literally falling to pieces - you couldn't even pick them up because just the weight of the glass beads would pull the silk to shreds. Anyway, over the weekend I made some conservation efforts - it was painstaking work, gently easing the pieces flat, face down onto greaseproof paper on the ironing board, then laying over a sheet of iron-on interfacing and bonding them together.

I'm proud of myself for rescuing what was left of what would originally have been two amazing dresses, but I can't imagine what I'm going to do with the beading now that it's stabilised - I'll probably etsy it to someone who can do something wonderful with it, although I won't even be able to charge enough to cover the time I spent on it. Still, all in the name of preserving vintage fashion, eh...

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  1. That's a great idea of how to preserve the beading. I have a 1920s dress that is falling to pieces too, but the beading is well worth saving! I may have to try this idea when I have a moment to work on a new project. ;)

    ♥ Casey | blog


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