Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At Home With Sir Winston Churchill

Today I met with a dear friend and he took me to Chartwell, home of Sir Winston Churchill. I've actually been there before - my father (a lifelong Churchill fan) took me around when I was very young, long before I was interested in such things. It seemed bigger then.

It was a great insight into the life of an incredible man, with lots of his personal artefacts on display. There's also an exhibition following his life story including extracts from his famous speeches. Listening to the 60-year-old recordings it's hard not to be stirred by his words - he really was an amazing speaker, and it's easy to see how much of this country's "Blitz spirit" was down to him.

No photography allowed inside unfortunately (though probably just as well for the length of this post!). We had a lovely stroll around the gardens, which are lovely - my favourite part as usual being the walled kitchen gardens (what is it that makes walled kitchen gardens seem so romantic?) including a darling little Wendy house Churchill built for his daughter Mary.

1940s dress from ebay - there's actually a matching belt with the cutest buckle, but it's too big so I have to adjust it. 1950s handbag from a charity shop. Why didn't I wear gloves? Hair took an age - I'm in dire need of a haircut, there's now far too much of it to roll effectively - the pins can't hold it!


  1. I went to Chartwell in March this year, it has a really special atmosphere doesn't it? I could really visualise him sitting down to dinner in the dining room, or in a swimming costume diving into the pool! Aparently Clemmie hated it, and she moved out after he died. I am thinking of doing a post on her shortly. x

  2. Ooh I am only 30 mins from Chartwell and I have not been there for well over a year. You have reminded me that I need to go back. My favourite room is the one with all the green leaf fabric covered high back chairs. I am sure it has some special name..? Nope. Can't remember. I'll just have to go back and have another look.

  3. Oh! How neat--I would love to go to Chartwell if I ever get to the UK. :) It looks like such an amazing little spot... Your dress is so pretty too--what a great Ebay find!

    ♥ Casey | blog

  4. I love Chartwell, though I haven't visited for years. It is a beautiful place. x

  5. I love Chartwell, I've been several times, I used to live pretty close by. My favourite room is the garden dining room, so beautiful.

  6. oh bravo. beautiful dress and shots. I love it all again. hooray!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lovely pictures, very glad to have found your blog, we will pop it on our twitter feed, I hope you don't mind.

    Best wishes

    Hannah McVey


  8. I was lived at Chartwell from the ages of 2 till I was 14 and as you can imaginge it has stayed with me forever.. although I now live in Suffolk with my own family, it is the first place I head to when I need to think, or to be cheered up ect.. such a beautiful place, so many happy memories.. and I am soooo happy that others love it as much as I do. xxxx


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