Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm NOT Singing in the Rain

Autumn is officially here. And don't I know it.

It's been torrential rain all day. The streets are all but empty, everyone putting off until tomorrow the errands that can wait. Those who do brave it purse their lips and squint against the wind, gripping their umbrella handles. The wind laughs in the face at my attempt to be gay, my cherry print clear brolly flapping feebly as I point it into the gale to prevent its being turned inside out. Rubbish bins become graveyards for cheap umbrellas fallen victim to the gusts, their spokes sticking out at awkward angles like birds with broken wings.

We are not skipping through puddles and laughing at clouds. Real autumn rain belies the relentless optimism in songs like Raindrops Keep Falling, Singin' In The Rain and I Don't Care What The Weatherman Says. I do care what the weatherman says, and I am most emphatically not singin'.

Still, here's some rainwear related eye candy to cheer us all up. These all come from magazines of 1949-50 - not one of my earlier magazines feature rainwear, and suddenly along comes 1949 and wet weather gear explodes onto the fashion scene.

November 1949

November 1949

February 1949

December 1949 & September 1950

November 1950

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  1. I could not agree more! And don't even get me started on what mizzle can do to a perfectly curled head of hair...! I do love Autumn - especially today when I can flick it a V and close the curtains whilst my roast dinner cooks and I potter about!


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