Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New and Coming Soon

I love selling on Etsy, but it's slow - good items can hang around in my shop for months before someone picks them up, or never sell at all. And I'm in dire need of cash so I've been work-work-working hard to stock the virtual shelves in my neglected ebay shop (I hate ebay - I hate the high commission, I hate the totally biased feedback system, I hate the seller-is-always-wrong policy and I hate the attitude of many customers, but the fact is stuff sells, and needs must).

Clockwise from top left: Late 50s / early 60s hot pink Egyptian design day dress (fair condition); I've got a whole selection of collectables, bric-a-brac and random stuff listed including this 1950s children's tea set; 1950s red wool bombshell wiggle dress (bought for myself but I ended up never wearing it, so it has to go!); Many many pairs of vintage fully fashioned stockings, mostly boxed and dating from the 1950s-60s; 1950s floral lamé evening dress; 1960s Little girl's Welsh wool tapestry cape and matching hat (so cute!).

There's loads more - I've got a 1950s hard plastic Scottie dog brooch listed, an early Monopoly set, various Edwardian magazines from my collection, pickle forks, 7Gypsies printed twill, lace hankies - all sorts of random stuff! Please note that my international postage is high because I have to send everything tracked due to Ebay's policies, but if you mention this blog when purchasing I'll waive the tracking fee (£5).


  1. i totally agree with your view on Ebay

  2. I also agree about ebay, I have only sold a few things and one lady I dealt with was so awful I have given up for now!! I am very new to etsy and have only bought one item (my wedding dress!!) but the extra charges make it a bit expensive for everyday things, are there many UK sellers on there?

  3. Just keep in mind that ebay sucks for the buyers, too! It used to be a good company but there is no customer service any more -- and that goes for buyers as well as sellers!


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