Monday, October 11, 2010

Shoes shoes shoes

My picks of the season's best retro-style shoes from the high street.

Office has several styles which show retro influences. Clockwise from top left: Twinkle Tush (also in black) shows similarities with some of the 1920s styles I posted recently. With its low block heel and rounded toe, Frisky Sixty (also in black/white) has a great mod look. Their version of the classic saddle shoe Frank is available in a host of single-colour and two-tone options. Friendly Bow (also in black) has a very 1930s look to it. They have a few different brogue styles in various heel heights including Francis Brogue (also in black and tan) and Brogue Baby (also in Teal, Khaki, Mustard, Floral, Tan, Leopard, Grey).

While I find the much-hyped Originals range from Clarks a bit of a disappointment, their Bombay range with those slightly cutaway sides has a very 40s/50s vibe. Left-right: Ashill Bombay (also in brown suede); Bombay Lights (also in black leather and black patent); Ask Bombay.

Although Schuh mostly goes for fairly avant-garde styles, they have a few retro-ish offerings including (L-R) the Modric Brogue (also in tan); the Noella (also in purple, black and two-tone black/white); and I quite like the 80s Art Deco feel to the Paris Panel Court (also in black and grey).


  1. Office have really excelled themselves recently, they have so many great retro styles right now. I'm trying to keep away from all this as what I really need is a new pair of winter boots, but it is very difficult!

  2. Fantasic shoes!!! Those very 1st pair (brown suede) are GORGEOUS!

  3. I'm in love with the Clark's Ashill Bombay shoes... Too bad I can't find a version available in the US! :( They pretty much look like the perfect everyday pump...

    ♥ Casey | blog


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