Thursday, November 11, 2010

1940s vs 1990s

Check me out with my 1940s vs 1990s vintage mash-up! Does it still count as vintage when you wore it the first time round? I'm referring of course to the Clueless-influenced craze for mini kilts in the late 90s. I pretty much figure that if it's an era-specific fashion, it counts.

Matin had a seminar in Winchester yesterday so I tagged along and took the afternoon shopping. The charity shops didn't turn up a single thing (well they had some vaguely interesting vintage, but all priced really high. Hate the way charity shops do that now! Even 1980s polyester is around £15!) My second-ever visit to Primark was very exciting - it's sooo cheap! They've got some nice accessories, and I also got a pink polka dot cotton knit cardigan which I'm very pleased with. But the best purchase of the day was probably the Red Cardigan that I've been searching for for over a year!

Outfit details: Skirt, blouse & handbag, charity shop; 1950s wool cardigan, estate; 1940s beret, Tasty Vintage (at Vintage at Goodwood); Shoes, Hotter.

PS Sorry again for my excessive absenteeism this month - perfectly disgraceful, I know.


  1. I love that hat, perfect for this miserable weather!

  2. Very cute outfit. I love plaid skirts and your beret is adorable! Need to find myself one of those : )

  3. I think the mash up works a treat! I especially love the hat.And I have to agree on the Primark score. They have come up trumps this season for all the little cute cardys at a fraction of the price.

  4. Haha, I loved that film. Though you need to be wearing this with knee high socks!

  5. Just a quick note to let you know that I love your blog so I have given you an award. You can pick it up here:

    Emma @ Emma aime

  6. Make that two awards - congratulations!

  7. oh I love this outfit, that hat is lush. I do a bit of every decade these days, I use to be a 50s doll but I like to mix it up a bit now. Loving this blog and will check out your shops xxxx


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