Thursday, December 9, 2010

1940s Princess Coat

Yes, I'm attempting to get back to blogging regularly again! I've been working so jolly hard these last few weeks (to make up for months of slacking - I'm not going to pretend I'm in any way hard done by!) that I've been seriously lacking in personal/creativity time. Now that I've replenished the coffers, I hope to be able to strike a balance between work and fun stuff, and hopefully be able to start tackling my immense list of project ideas.

Of course, one benefit of working on ebay all day is that it does give me the opportunity to bag the odd bargain. This coat was a recent find, and though it's not in perfect condition (the lining is quite damaged, and there are two buttons missing), it was still a bit of a steal at £40. I love the nipped waist and square 40s shoulders. There's also velvet detailing on the collar and around the hem. I've picked out some black bakelite Deco buttons on Etsy to replace the current ones (you've no idea how hard it is to find a matching set of 7 one-inch black buttons!).

I'm also pushing the envelope a bit by wearing pastels. I wear red and black so often I feel like I'm stuck in a red and black rut, even though I love wearing other colours. So, although you can't see it as I didn't take the coat off for any pictures, I'm wearing a 1930s (possibly) pink sweater and my baby blue cardigan - which was why I chose this baby blue plastic brooch, even though no-one would actually see the reasoning behind it!

1940s hat (which you may remember from last winter) and coat, ebay; Sweater, vintage fashion fair; 1950s gloves, can't remember; 1950s plastic brooch, car boot sale.


  1. Wow, this is a real stunner - the fitted waist is fabulous.

  2. OOhh!! I LOVE your outfit!!! that coat is just fabulous!! and your hat! everything!


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