Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day

The set for today's outfit pics is provided by my cousin's daughters' playhouse, isn't it adorable? They're six and seven years old and oh-so angelic.
This is the red cardigan I bought in Winchester recently, after a year of searching. I wear it all the time, though this is the first time it's made it into an outfit post. I love red with green, but Christmas is the only time of year you can really get away with it!

I'm in such dire need of a haircut. I can't do a thing with it any more - it's simply too long for victory rolls. I must book myself in with Nina's. I also desperately want a set of hot sticks (actually two sets, since one isn't enough for my super-thick hair).
My collection of vintage plastic jewellery is slowly expanding - this brooch is courtesy of my Mummy. I'm not sure which early plastic it's made from - definitely not bakelite, and it doesn't say celluloid to me either. It is hand carved though, not moulded. I'm also not sure what it's meant to be, but I decided in the end to call it pinecones, to be seasonally appropriate.

Rose hairclips, H&M; Lovebirds necklace, gift from Matin; 1950s plastic rosebud bead necklace, Car boot sale; Earrings, made by me with vintage celluloid cabochons; Cashmere cardigan, Hobbs; Dress, Charity shop (originally from Next); Carved early plastic Deco brooch, gift from Mummy; Bakelite bangles, ebay; Red back seam tights, ebay; Shoes, M&S.


  1. I actually love your hair in this one! It's very pretty, the way it frames your face.

  2. I love your red cardigan. That made your pictures more lovely. Happy New Year!


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