Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cowboy Feedsack Fabric - and a Contest!

Here's the latest - a super cute 40s/50s cowboys vintage feedsack print (I've seen this in two different colourways - might try the other one too). This is another design that's been on my to-do list for a while, but I've been putting it off because of all those fiddly dots (yes, they took ages). I love how it's come out - I'm so looking forward to grouping all these fabrics in a simple patchwork quilt.

Anyway, on to the contest... As I mentioned previously, I'm pretty rubbish at coming up with catchy names for my fabric repros, so I'm opening up the challenge. Come up with a name I love for any of my fabrics (especially the Deco Sprays design I posted the other day), and if I choose your suggestion I'll credit you in the description, and I'll also send you a Spoonflower fabric swatch.


  1. Suggestions for this fabric:

    ~ Ride 'em Cowboy ~

    ~ Bronco Ride ~

    ~ Yeehaw Dots Galore ~

    ~ Pony Parade ~

    ~ Cowboy Roundup ~

    Suggestions for the Deco Sprays:

    ~ Floral Fountains ~

    ~ Romantic Ribbon ~

    ~ Sprays Delight ~

    ~ Posies of Purple ~

    ~ Purple Impressions ~

    Suggestions for Deco Fan fabric:

    ~ Spanish Ladies ~

    ~ Flirtatious Fans ~

    ~ All a Flutter ~

    Suggestions for Chinese men fabric:

    ~ Chinatown Hop ~

    ~ Oriental Days ~

    ~ Far East Flings ~

    Suggestions for the bunny fabric:

    ~ Peter Rabbit's Story ~

    ~ Reading Rabbits ~

    ~ Bunnies'n'Books ~

    Suggestions for wash fabric:

    ~ Windswept Washing ~

    ~ Wash on Monday ~

    Suggestions for sports fabric:

    ~ Out and About ~

    ~ Glad Games ~

    ~ Jolly Old Sport ~

    Um, I probably could go on, but I feel bad about taking up so much space!! If you do like my suggestions and want to hear more, please do let me know, because I am more than happy to oblige. Naming things is like a fun game to me. ^ - ^

    bonita of Depict This!


  2. Ohhh love the cowboy fabric!

    For the cowboys I like "Buckin' Broncs" as they are bucking broncos.

    For the deco spray fabric, from what I have been able to research (being familiar with the original feedsack design) was that it was supposed to originally mimic sheaves of wheat and that this was a deco interpretation of it. For that reason I would suggest "A Bountiful Harvest" as a name for it.

    For the hanger fabric I like "Hung Up On You" or "I'm Hung up on You". It has a fun ring to it.

    Can't wait to see what designs you come up with next! I really love the holiday fabric you created recently! So pretty!


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