Friday, December 17, 2010

Make Do and Mend for November & December

As I was out of blogland for most of November I missed November's instalment of Make Do & Mend features, so this month we've got a double!

This first is from November 1943 - and comes with another colour scheme idea involving duck-egg (or robin's egg or Tiffany) blue.

November 1945 - the war was not long over, and the ladies of England were looking to the smart set in New York for inspiration. I love these ideas for accessorizing, especially the make-do and mend chokers made of ribbon and old broken necklaces, and the sequinned Alice band. I'll reserve judgement on the hat made of sequin waste.

November 1947 brings ideas for dressing up a plain outfit with accessories and accent touches made with ribbon. I especially like the little ribbon rosettes on a pair of gloves, and the fancy buttonhole embellishment in fancy embroidered ribbon. I keep meaning to put into practice some of the suggestions from these posts, but then forget! Must start making a proper note to incorporate some of these ideas into outfits.

"To discard clothes that are not completely worn out is unpatriotic", the board of trade tells us in December 1942:

This last one's actually from a spring edition of Leach-Way Fashions, (no. 191 Frocks, Coats and Renovations, c1943), but since I'm currently working on the muslin for a 1950s jumper dress I thought I'd include it all the same. This is true make-do and mend mentality, presenting ways to remake old clothes into new.

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  1. This is such a fantastic post! All of us ladies on a budget in the modern world can learn a lot from those smart war-era gals!


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