Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pastel Pink & Duck-Egg Blue

So after challenging myself to break out of my black-and-red comfort zone, I have become the queen of pastels. I bought this cardigan the other day. It's acrylic, but we won't hold that against it. It's just the right length, it has a cute cableknit design, and I love the soft duck-egg blue colour (it'll go beautifully with chocolate brown).

Another "vintage" outfit of indeterminate era. I suppose I could call it thirties - the skirt is straight and below-knee, and the layered knitwear and tam beret could probably pass for thirties style. But really, there's no need to label it - I think one can still be considered vintage even if you can't pin a look down to a specific era. In fact I think I've blogged about this before, but I'll say it again: Part of the fun of dressing vintage is being able to mix and match articles and styles across the decades. And besides, it's fun to use your imagination and creativity to put together a style that's uniquely your own, rather than copying a specific era, isn't it? In fact the fashion mash-up mix is my new favourite thing. Though having said that I'll certainly grant that there's a great deal of satisfaction in creating a picture-perfect 30s/40s/50s look every so often.

As you may have spotted, this is my all-time favourite skirt. Because it's a very subtle grey/tan plaid it goes with every colour - black, brown, navy, brights or pastels - and it can be smart or casual. Plus I can use it in any vintage look from thirties to fifties (or 'indeterminate era').

Wool beret, charity shop; Pink sweater, Vintage fashion fair; Cardigan, New Look (yes, I bought something new, from a real shop); Boots, Clarks.

This is my Mummy's house - it's so much more picturesque than ours! I'm here for the week because Matin's away in foreign parts visiting his family. Which is also why I've had so much time to work on fabric repros (not that he's demanding, you understand, just that he sometimes prefers to spend time with me than sit and watch me vectorize cowboys).

If, by the way, you like my pink and blue colour scheme, you may appreciate this astonishingly beautiful pastel Christmas sweet feast.


  1. New Look have had some lovely cardis this year, though I haven't bought one myself yet. Your one is a corker :)

  2. that colour (which I called Tiffany or Robin's egg blue) was my wedding color (along with offwhite and dark brown). LOVE it!

  3. 2 of my favourite colours!That is such a beautiful outfit,you look fab.I luv the beret too.
    I guess there are some purists out there who'd rather be period correct but i like being able to mix it up although as you say it is definitely satisfying to be to do an entire outfit all from the same era.

  4. What a lovely cardy! Could not agree more with mashing it up! But like you - i tend to try and stick to 30's/40's on a daily basis :)


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