Monday, December 6, 2010


It doesn't generally snow that much in the UK - especially on the south coast - but we had several inches here last week. Other parts of the country have up to 2 feet! Ours is all gone now sadly.

I've been wearing this vintage 1940s fur jacket a lot lately - I know it's controversial, but although I would certainly never wear new fur, my view is that it might as well be used and loved rather than go to landfill. Besides, it's sooo warm! I've had a few fur coats listed in my ebay shop this week, but I'm not selling this one - I just love the shape.

Beret, Accessorize; Fur coat, vintage 1940s; Skirt and tights, M&S; Scarf, gift; Boots, Clarks.


  1. What a lovely winter outfit! And I agree about fur - I would never wear new fur, but with an old piece, it would be a waste of resources to toss it out. I like the cut of this coat. I can see why you're keeping it!

  2. well this is grand!! We haven't any snow here yet. Odd because I remember having it this time of year last year. I definitely remember it staying around though on Christmas Eve!


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