Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grand Plans Afoot

I have big plans for my blog over this year. One of the things up my sleeve is a series of theme weeks. I started compiling a list of the approximately one billionty projects I have spinning round in my head, and the idea for themed weeks is partly to help me organise a vague schedule for - and hopefully actually complete - some of these projects. Upcoming themes over the coming months include make-do and mend week, jewellery week, pin-up week, blitz week and embroidery week. I was going to have a novelty print week, but well, we all know that every week is novelty print week! By the way, if anyone would like to contribute a guest post to any of the above themes, please send me an email.

I've also made a few (mainly sewing related) resolutions. The big one is to learn how to make pattern adjustments to fit my figure. I started out buying patterns to fit my bust, but they're all absolutely huge. So I'm going to aquire some tissue paper and start tailoring them.

I currently have about 15 things on my to-make list, so I'm also going to aim to complete at least one sewing project a month - hopefully more. I want to tick off my wishlist in self-made clothes!

Picture from Millie Motts


  1. Am very excited for the make do and mend part, and the sewing!


  2. Hi Charlotte- I can give you some ideas for blitz week. I did a post on some trench art jewelry from "Buzz Bomb Alley":

  3. Sounds like a great plan. Looks like I found your blog just in time for some super interesting stuff coming up! But in the meantime I need to explore your archives. It'll probably take several happy hours....


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