Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Hat Week} Adventures in Millinery

This is the first of two home-made hats. I used an original vintage 1940s Vogue hat pattern and a remnant of leopard print faux fur I picked up at a car boot sale. I had decided I wanted a leopard print hat as part of my Gentlemen Prefer Blondes project after I found a costume test photo of her "Bye bye baby" outfit with a leopard print hat, although she actually wears a different one in the film (and I wanted both versions).

The hat was really easy to make - I'll be posting the instructions to make your own tomorrow.

I added the bow on the back (a vintage home-made jabot in black moire taffeta, with a teeny rhinestone buckle in the knot) to make it look more 40s, my era du choix. It's removable though, as it's just attached with its original pin back.

The other hat I'm still working on. It's from Vintage Vogue 7464 (View B - the green one) and I'm struggling to make head or tail of the instructions! I've completed most stages, and I'm supposed to make just one more twist "here" and voila, a finished hat. It's not really happening. I'm going to have to play around with it some more I think.


  1. Ooh, somebody looks good in leopard print!!

  2. Were you ever able to make heads or tail of the vintage vogue pattern? I am tackling it this week.

  3. I'm afraid it's still lying uncompleted - I just could not work out the final stage! If you manage it do let me know!

    xx Charlotte


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