Monday, January 24, 2011

Midcentury Street Fabric

I've been experimenting with a new way of repro-ing vintage fabrics. Rather than do the whole process digitally as I usually do, for this one I used a pen and paper to trace the outlines, then scanned it and filled in the colour. It's based on the design below, taken from a 1955 Sears catalogue. I'm still working on it - I don't know whether to stay faithful to the original colours (which I find kind of garish), or go my own way with them. Thoughts? I suppose it's easy enough to make two colourways available through Spoonflower.

* Edit *

I had a quick play with the colours (this is fun!) and replaced the green with a gentler teal, which competes less with the red, but also makes it a lot less warm overall. I can see I'm going to end up making this available in about seventeen different colourways!


  1. how interesting! I actually just listed a street print dress in my shop...though it's made of silk and in a totally different style (and I think 40s?). Anyway, this is sooo cool!

  2. Definately put your own twist on it. No point spending time and effort on something you won't totally adore. I'm intrigued to see the outcome. It's not an area I'm at all familiar with!

  3. This is awesome! I've wanted to try reproing fabric for a long time. This is very inspiring!

  4. Oh my word, that is gorgeous!!! Do you produce fabrics for sale or is it just for pleasure?

  5. Many of my designs are available through spoonflower at the moment; I'm hoping eventually to produce fabrics for sale (I just don't know where to start!)

    xx Charlotte

  6. Thank you - may I boldly encourage you to go for it!!


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