Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Peacock Suit

Matin took me to Midhurst, a small town not far from Chichester, to visit the vintage shop Marmaduke's and the charity shops. I didn't end up buying anything - even though Marmaduke's had some decent stuff and the prices aren't bad, there was nothing there from my wishlist, so I came away empty handed.

I'm still undecided on this suit. It's 1980s vintage Monsoon, raw silk. I was meaning to sell it, but it hasn't got as far as the shop because it fits like a glove and I really like the shape (especially after I raised the hem from that unflattering late 80s mid-calf level to a more 1940s knee-length). It's the colour I'm unsure about, as I'm not sure that ultra-vibrant peacock green (more saturated than it looks in these pics) is a great colour on me. I thought about perhaps overdyeing it a more forest green. I do like it with pink though (the pink accessories barely show up in these pics - ghastly grey weather we had today). I don't know - what do you think?

Vintage 80s suit, Charity shop, re-hemmed by me; Vintage pink nylon gloves, can't remember (probably a charity shop); Pink feather cocktail hat, Janine Basil; Vintage milk glass bead necklace, can't remember; Beaded bracelets, Primark; 1940s grosgrain handbag, Charity shop; Marcasite poodle brooch, gift from Mummy; Tights and shoes, M&S.


  1. Never sell that suit! Looks a treat on you :)

  2. It does suit you darling , you look lovely

    Love u so much my dear

  3. It honestly is a stunning colour on you, and it still looks authentic as part of a 40's ensemble despite it's much later vintage. Hang onto it. You know you'll kick yourself if you get rid of it. I'm a big fan of vintage monsoon. Just scored 3 vintage monsoon dresses (yesterday) in a charity shop. I love their fit. Seems to suit my proportions.
    KEEP IT!!! ;)

  4. That color looks just fine on you! I suppose if it's very MUCH brighter IRL than in these pics then overdyeing it to be a little less neon wouldn't hurt, but I like it as-is.

  5. I think it looks nice, and I would not have known that it was 80s! It's lovely to have a pop of bright colour in cold weather.

  6. I'm a bit weird about 80s does 40s too. I have one suit that I'm selling on etsy that is 80s does 40s. This does look cute though regardless!!!


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