Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spoonflower fabric samples

Just received my second lot of samples from Spoonflower. My last order taught me a lot about Spoonflower's print colours - the bright red background of my Deco Fans repro came out neon orange! They helpfully enclosed a printout of their colour picker palette to avoid such a thing happening again.

Overall I'm pleased with how this little lot turned out. Jolly Hollydays is perfect (for next Christmas!). Deco Fans looks great. Chinatown came out a little darker than I intended - I didn't use the colour picker, so I'll have to play with the colours on that one. Bunnies has a bit of a problem because of the red/sage colour juxtaposition - it ends up with a dark 'outline' where the two colours meet (which isn't so obvious in the photo). I think I'll fix it by making the red ever so slightly darker (and possibly the sage just a touch lighter, as well as upping the saturation the tiniest smidge).

I had the fans fabric printed on silk crepe de chine, which Spoonflower recently introduced. The rest I got on organic cotton sateen. The sateen is lovely, but I really wish they would do a nice regular dress weight cotton - their quilting weight is a bit too thin, and the sateen doesn't have the right drape for a 1940s tea dress. The crepe de chine has a beautiful drape and would be perfect for a cocktail dress, but too fine (and semisheer) for a day dress. There are of course other fabric printing services around - I may have to investigate Fabric on Demand, which has a 4oz lightweight cotton and claims to ship in 7 business days (Spoonflower acknowledge the problem with their slow turnaround time - I placed my order on 7th December). KarmaKraft also offer digital fabric printing, but they're way more expensive than either Spoonflower or Fabric on Demand (even more so when you realise their fabric is priced not per yard but per square yard).


  1. I love the Chinatown print, and I think it goes quite well with the royal blue background. Must be so exciting receiving these in the post.

  2. I love the fans. Can see that would make a wonderful dress.

  3. Those prints look darling! I've been toying with the idea of possibly digitizing some prints this year and trying Spoonflower. Perhaps after my birthday. You've inspired me! ;)

    ♥ Casey | blog

  4. Beautiful prints, love the deco fan!

  5. Ooh! Thanks for the helpful review! I just placed my first order yesterday and I'm not hoping my bright red doesn't come out orange, too! Eep!
    Your fabrics are beautiful, btw!


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