Sunday, February 27, 2011

{Embroidery Week} Embroidery by Sewing Machine

If hand stitching seems all too time consuming, you can always put your sewing machine to use to create embroidered designs. For the atomic motif above I just sketched onto fabric with my disappearing ink pen (equally you could use tailor's chalk or any of the methods I described for transferring embroidery patterns) and followed the lines with my machine (I went round twice for effect).

This was my first attempt, just to experiment with the technique. It's kind of messy, but with a bit of practice I think it could be an effective decoration. It's also dead easy and requires virtually no skill - obviously turning tight curves is a bit tricky, but if you run the machine very slowly it's not too complicated.

I'm picturing motifs on a full skirt, either scattered or as a border, separated with zig-zag lines.

I think starburst type designs would work great too - and no curves to worry about either.

Or use two colours in zig zag stitches for an argyle border - perhaps down the front of a blouse for classic style.

And so Embroidery Week comes to a close (although look out for the completed carousel blouse soon). I really hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have - I'm so excited to have learnt a new technique that I'm having to hold myself back from embroidering everything in sight, and I would love to think that I've inspired some readers to try it out.

Next month's theme week will be all about jewellery. Other upcoming themes include Applique (if you've had fun this week you'll love what I have planned for Applique Week!) and Make Do & Mend.


  1. Great tips! I just started sewing and really want to get creative with stitching!

    I also love how you showed the Franciscan Starburst pattern - that's what I have for my "Fine China".

  2. Lovely work........I will surely go for this...I like its simplicity and designing,the complete pattern is really very graceful.............


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