Friday, February 4, 2011

Make Do and Mend for January & February

I skipped January's instalment (there were slim pickings from my January magazines anyway) so we have a double this month! The first two are January and February 1945, and it does rather seem to me that at this stage poor old Eve Burnett was struggling to come up with new ideas - although I do rather like January's idea of adding colourful gauntlets to plain gloves.

Next up is a double page spread of ideas from Woman's Sphere magazine, February 1941. I love the ideas for revitalising frocks or coats with a contrast yoke. The ideas for reworking a girl's dress can also be used just as well for an adult dress (in fact I think I've posted before about refashioning a frock into a pinafore/jumper dress) - I can picture it being a great way forward with an unflattering 80s number made in quality material.


  1. brilliant idea about the pinafore from an 80's dress! I always find the most awful 80's dresses with the prettiest fabric but I leave them behind. Next time I see one, I'll bring it home with me! :)

  2. I like the dressing gown! It's a lot like the one Vivien Leigh wears in Gone with the Wind. Thanks for posting these; I just love old magazine articles!


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