Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Lovebirds

I would have liked to wear red and pink for Valentine's Day, but I don't actually have any red and pink that I can wear together! So I went with the Lovebirds dress instead. This was one of the first vintage dresses I bought (I snagged it for such a bargain price on ebay - I can't imagine how), and remains one of my favourites - it's featured in at least three previous outfit posts! It has the most adorable print of little bluebirds with flowers and love notes, and is probably to blame for my obsession with novelty prints. In keeping with the Valentine's theme I accessorised in red and pink.

I have to confess that I am clearly deluded about what season we're in. I was wearing a jacket, but I was still hopelessly underdressed for the chill. I have this problem that I look out of the window, see blue sky and think "SUMMER!" No. It is not summer. It is February. It is cold.

Also, have I mentioned I need a haircut? (Only about twenty times). It's so long now that to do these victory rolls my arms were fully extended just to reach the end of my hair! i've been putting some thought into how I'm going to have it cut - probably a longish 40s midi cut, with emphasis on easy-to-victory-roll. Meanwhile I'm going off the idea of a perm; if I still have to use rollers anyway it hardly seems worth it.

Dress, ebay; Belt, charity shop; Handbag, on permanent loan from my sister; Vintage crochet gloves, ebay; Shoes, Marks & Spencer.


  1. You look great! I LOVE the little lovebirds. I too am obsessed with novelty prints. I could probably easily have an entire wardrobe that consisted of nothing but plaids and novelty prints.... hm, I think I'm already halfway there, come to think of it. ;)

  2. Your outfit is amazing. I dress out of season too. But a little chill is worth it sometimes.

  3. That's a lovely dress. I just adore blue. It always look classy with a splash of red. x

  4. Beautiful!

    I dont think your hair needs a perm as its quite wavey anyway. Mine is poker straight :( and have to pin curl it every night to achieve anything remotly retro. I am toying with the idea too.. but my hair is damaged enough as it is.

    I cant wait for warmer weather either... getting fed up with covering pretty dresses in a big coat!

  5. What a lovely dress! I do like a bit of blue and red together! :) Hair looks a treat too!

  6. What a gorgeous dress! That print is adorable! And I love it with the red shoes! xx

  7. Your hair is fine even if long for the 40s. hehe. I love this dress. what else is new right?


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