Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's in my suitcases?

Atomic Ranch House and Va-Voom Vintage tagged the blogging world at large to show the contents of their drawers. I don't have any fun drawers (there's my underwear drawer, the bed linen drawer and the medicine drawer, and none of those would be much interest to peek into); I have suitcases. I have a reknowned weakness for vintage suitcases - I love the way they look, stacked in the corner or on top of the wardrobe (we now have a much prettier, vintage wardrobe), plus they make great storage.

Small suitcases and weekend cases are perfect for storing accessories. I'm a great believer in accessories - if your wardrobe is limited you can use accessories to play with colour palettes and create many different looks with the same outfit. The small vanity in my little top of the wardrobe collection holds all my vintage gloves. A vintage Antler overnight case (which I bought at some random local charity shop in Portsmouth for £2 - you don't get bargains like that in Chichester charity shops!) holds all my belts. Most of these are from ebay or charity shops; some need extra holes punched so I can actually wear them.

I have a stack of vintage cases in the corner of my work/stock room, which hold most of my sewing supplies. Threads (mostly from a car boot lot), pins, tailor's chalks and so on are in the top one; buttons, fasteners and metal zips (I still never have one in the colour/size that I need) etc. in another. The bottom suitcase in the stack (at the top of this post) contains my collection of random ephemera acquired from boot fairs and the attic.

I've managed to amass quite a collection of vintage sewing patterns, so they're now housed in an Ikea box which lives in the bottom of my sewing machine cabinet.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the contents of my cases and boxes, and if you want to join in, please consider yourself tagged!


  1. Great idea! I use old tins for buttons and a large purse to store my gloves, but it might be nice to switch to a more unified set of pretty vintage suitcases that can be out on display in their own right. Plus, then I have more room to acquire more!

  2. The Ikea boxes are nice to play with as they have the little window. I have similar ones in black and red for my vintage slips and gloves. I arrange the things so that the prettiest laces and colours show :)

  3. Ooh! Fun!
    I store lots of my vintage things in old suitcases, too :) I love how they look stacked. Perfect for delving into time travel!

  4. Oooh, i love your small suitcases! they're perfect for storing vintage goodies!

  5. I also have my vintage ports and hat boxes and makeup bags all with stashes of lovely bits and pieces I just cant help myself when I see another one asking me to buy it lol


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