Thursday, March 10, 2011

Everywoman Spring Pattern Parade, 1940

After yesterday's deep discussion (and I would like to thank all those who commented for sharing your views - it made such interesting reading), it's time for some light relief! Which I'm pleased to provide, courtesy of Everywoman's Spring Pattern Parade, 1940.

We lead off this great 1940 Spring Parade with the star pattern you see on this page. Its simple, crisp lines sum up all the best points of the new styles - it is the perfect tailored woollen frock for spring.

Notice the slender effect of the graduated centre panel, the clever emphasis of the waistline - this is the leading fashion note of the season. See the clever gathers, giving flattering fullness just below the bust; the back is cut all in one piece, darted trimly at the waist. Notice the skirt that hugs the hipline discreetly and then kicks out into an exhilirating flare below the knees. A triumph of style and distinction!

They really knew how to describe a dress!

There's a military precision about the spring coats and suits. These six trim models we present to you have been specially chosen by our fashion experts for their liveliness of line.

No half-heartedness just now about revers, if you choose them they must be wide and very R.A.F., like the ones on this sleek-fitting double-breasted coat.

Military influences were already evident, though more subtle than further into the war. And how about that black coat? I'm seriously tempted to make a collar and matching toque hat in Persian lamb so I can transform my own black winter coat!

Our first coat is lighthearted as a sailor's dream; it's frogged with pleated ribbon and enchanting bows in front.

I'm in love with this entire outfit - from the adorable ribbon frogging to the sweetly flared peplum to the fabulous bow shoes, dainty handbag and tilt hat!

Classic suits are a British tradition. Our second spring suit is a tailored aristocrat keeping this standard high.

There's a uniform slickness about our third suit. The skirt seam follows the line of the jacket - a significant slimming note.

Fashion marches on with frocks that swirl gaily into spring. We know you'll love the frocks because they're so smartly simple. Basques [peplums] come into fashion with a grand flourish, giving this first frock the appearance of a suit.

Drapes and tuckings give a charm and grace to the second frock, and see how carefully the fullness has been regulated so that it emphasises the smooth flat figure line.

Isn't it just one of the most fabulous examples of shirring you've ever seen?

There's a gypsy lilt about the swing skirt of the third. Look how cleverly the front opening is stepped to line up with the seam.

We've chosen these undies to mould your figure to the newest lines. The patterns show you in detail how to edge your undies daintily with lace.

We show you a brassiere with the proper uplift spirit and a pair of fairylike panties; a petticoat that will send your skirts swishing, with a firm yoked waistline that won't stand any nonsense; cami-knickers which will do your figure proud.

And who wouldn't want a bra with the proper uplift spirit, and fairylike panties?


  1. The 'fairylike panties' are the icing on the cake. What a lovely series!

  2. That's a great series of ads, I just love the attention to detail in the writing. I'm in love with the woman in the jaunty hat and jacket with bows.

    I could definitely use a bra with the proper uplift spirit, personally! I have had an almost impossible task trying to find one that isn't quite as dramatic as an actual bullet bra but doesn't give a modern line. I need their uplift spirit! ;)


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