Friday, April 8, 2011

Guide to vintage style shoes - part 2

Continuing my post from earlier in the week, as promised, here's part two of the Tuppence Ha'penny guide to vintage style shoes.

Office Garlands Grace (cream, fushia)

Bertie Graceful (brown, black patent)
Similar: Clarks Bachelor Party (navy, mushroom)

Clarks Sheri Bombay (raspberry, black suede)

Office Hot Stuff (bright multi, pastel multi)

Office Friendly Bow

Hush Puppies Harriet Court

Office Reece Weave (off white, tan, grey)

Clarks Bere Bombay

More shoes worth checking out: Clarks Stylish Lady; Clarks Saint Celia; Clarks Hara Orchid; Irregular Choice Tea and Cakes; Irregular Choice Flick Flack.


  1. Another fab post - you have really given me a better idea of what to look for!

  2. I love these! It really is amazing how much vintage inspired stuff is out there! Thanks for this post, so great.

  3. Argh! These are all so gorgeous. Great post. Now, if only I could find a vegan-friendly, environmentally friendly, 100% ethical company that makes some exactly the same! Haha.
    -Andi x

  4. What a great post, thanks lady! Shoes are something I always have trouble finding! xxx

  5. I love those raspberry-colored wedges!

  6. Dang! Love the "Office Friendly Bow". If those were in stock they'd probably be working their way to me...

  7. Sorry to be a tease - I just couldn't resist including them! But keep the page bookmarked and check back every so often because you never know: my red T-bars are from Office - they were showing sold out in my size for weeks, then one day I looked them up again for no particular reason and found they had stock.

    xx Charlotte

  8. Charlotte, you are a BAD influence. I keep clicking on links to shoes I can't afford. I love the Garlands Grace particularly, for the authentic vamp and heel xx

  9. What a lovely post on vintage-looking shoes! Thanks so much for such a thorough guide - now I know what to look for to match with my lovely frocks :)

  10. This is a great post! I love vintage-looking Worishofers are all worn out so these are great options for replacement. Love.

  11. Another wonderful post! I am really drawn to the 20's shoes in this posting, though I can see myself buying all of these styles!! <3


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