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Royal Wedding Fever - 1922

Yes, Royal wedding fever is gripping the nation. Well, partly because of the extra long bank holiday we're getting out of it. But the papers can't go a day without mentioning it, and speculation on Kate's dress (apparently she designed it herself) is taking up a good proportion of those column inches. In 1922 Princess Mary, daughter of King George V and sister of the future George VI (the one from the King's Speech) married Henry, Viscount Lascelles; her gown was the very picture of early 20s glamour and opulence.

No Royal bride has ever worn a lovelier dress than that made for Princess Mary.

This sketch gives an idea of the glittering, shining loveliness of the pearl and diamond and silver bullion embroidered original upon which Mr. Reville spent so much time and thought.

The straight lines of the gown are infinitely becoming to the Princess, and the overdress of marquisette slips over a straight cloth of silver foundation that is hemmed with narrow silver lace.

The rather long sleeves are a departure from the very short ones usually worn by Royal brides, but, from the point of view of mere appearances, far more becoming for daytime wear.

The emblematic design of the train, of duchesse satin, specially woven at Braintree by Warner and Son, is lightly traced in silver thread and diamonds, and the silver lotus blossoms from Delhi are easily distinguishable by their massive character. Notice the Honiton lace given by the Queen.

The veil that falls over the gown is of Alencon tulle bordered with seed pearls.

In contrast with the white and silver scheme of the Royal bridal cortege, the Queen has chosen a wonderful cream and gold gown, or, rather, the background is cream and gold lame tissue, and this is partially covered by a handsome design in velvet of a deep parchment tint.

The lovely material needs no decoration, and, as the sketch shows, is caught at one side with an exquisite jewel ornament with jewelled strands finished with jewelled tassels.

The cross-over corsage opens over the same gold lace that is used for the sleeves. Notice the Garter on the arm.

This gown, too, was made by Reville, Ltd.

Like the bride, Princess Mary's bridesmaids are to wear white and silver gowns. They were made by Reville, Ltd.

The silver cloth that forms the back and front of the gowns falls over finest hand-made silver lace imposed on a foundation of ivory satin anglaise.

Pointed leaves of Princess Mary blue velvet form a background for the silver rose that fastens the waistband, decorated, like the lace, with small mother-of-pearl flowers.

Lace and tulle form the sleeves, and tulle softens the square-cut decolletage, and each maid wears her veil arranged cap fashion over the head and held with pointed silver leaves and diamond berries.


  1. Beautiful post. I salvaged some amzing royal memorabilia from my Great Aunt's home and I'm desperate to find time to scan it and post about it. Amazing programme from the Queen's wedding full of beautiful pictures. Hope I find the time before next Friday, otherwise the moment will have passed!

    Loveaudrey xxx

  2. this reminds me of what the Queen Mum wore. Love these 20s wedding looks!

  3. Now there is a bridesmaid dress I don't think anybody could complain about wearing! Wish we got the extra holiday here in the colonies though...


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