Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sanderson Fabric & Wallpaper

Following on from my visit to the Robin & Lucienne Day exhibition the other day, I notice Sanderson have released a fabulous new 1950s range in wallpapers and furnishing fabrics.

The "mobiles" design is classic iconic 50s, especially in this killer midcentury interior setting.

I'm in love with "Fifi", which is a reproduction of an original 1950s Sanderson wallpaper that was rediscovered in a loft! I'm thinking about getting some to paper the back of my boring Argos bookcase. I had hoped to find a classic Jetsons-y, space-age-y wallpaper to go in there - I was picturing something in the vein of Jessie Tait's Cherokee design - but I couldn't find anything like that (given the 1950s interiors trend, you'd think there'd be more 50s wallpapers available, but apparently not).

There are a couple of funky Tiki-influenced designs too (and yes, this is how I wish my workspace looked).

To close, I'll leave you with this fantastically un-PC advert for Sanderson wallpapers from 1948:


  1. I adore Sanderson's Fifties prints especially 'mobiles'....classics one and all.

  2. I did a post on this range a while back :) you can order free samples from them too, the fabric samples are abour 8" square, very useful for crafty projects, I'm going to use mine to make cushions (4 squares and a plain backing).

    I got a sample of the Fifi paper too, it comes A4 size, nice to cover a book with or use as mount paper for a picture frame :)

  3. They are so gorgeous. I dream about interiors that look like these!
    Thanks for sharing!


  4. I just found your blog and have started following! I work in an interior fabric showroom and we're using this for our next window display, think it'll be great fun! I also have a vintage lovelies blog(although not updated for a few months-must do it!)so please stop by and say hello. Marie x www.mariezvezda.blogspot.com


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