Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bad Blogger, Happy Sewer

I know, I've been horribly absent of late! But I've been having a lot of fun sewing and fabric shopping. On Saturday I joined the Sew Weekly sewing circle meet-up. I didn't make it to the V&A museum (we stayed at a friend's on Friday night and stayed up late watching movies!), but I joined them for the shopping portion of events, over at Goldhawk road. It was great to meet so many sew weekly-ers, especially those bloggers who I've long been following - Sew Weekly contributor Debi and I greeted each other like long-lost friends, even though we've never actually met in real life! (pic below pinched from her blog - I'd forgotten my camera at our friend's place).

In fact I had so much fun chatting that I didn't even manage to buy anything until I'd said goodbye to them. I didn't want to go too nuts as I do have a bit of a fabric stash already, but I got some black and white mini houndstooth check for a pencil skirt (I need to sew more basic separates), and two dress fabrics:

This one's a silk/cotton blend, very lightweight and drapey like cotton lawn, with a slight sheen from the silk content. I don't know what I'm going to make with it yet, but I thought the print looked very Deco-era, wouldn't you say?

Isn't it pretty? It's a Liberty print, and I thought it had a nice vintage vibe. Violet and orange are a little outside my comfort zone, but I think it's going to work. The fabric is a medium weight, soft cotton/wool blend with a lovely drape. I was lamenting that you don't often see natural fibre blends these days, it's usually a natural with a synthetic, but these two natural blends are beautiful.

Anyway, I think I'll make it up in one of these patterns. I'm going to make a muslin in both and then decide.

Lastly, here's what I've also been working on. I've had this pretty powder blue floral fabric (very Cath Kidston, don't you think?) for a year, and I thought it was about time it became a dress - it's too pretty to sit in a drawer. The pattern came in a lot (together with the one above and two or three others) from ebay some months ago.


  1. I do so love a good meet up! Did you make the dress you are wearing too?

  2. I can't wait to see what you will be sewing!

  3. I didn't make this one, although I'm hoping to make one similar!

    xx Charlotte

  4. YAY! It was so much fun to meet up!!! I love that Liberty print you bought! Oh and I can't wait to see the dress you are working on! It looks amazing. I'm sort of wishing I had bought some of that nice silk type fabric we were looking at in the first store!!

  5. What great fabric finds and you and Debi look stunning! I was at the Goldhawk meet-up, but sadly I didn't get a chance to speak to either of you..so maybe next time!

    I love your blog and I'm longing to try the 50s inspired brooch you blogged about a little while ago...thanks for sharing!

  6. You both look beautiful! I absolutely adore the dress you are wearing it is amazing!!
    Oh and the fabric you bought is just delicious!

  7. love that last pattern, i've made 2 girdle dresses recently, they are so flattering.


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