Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cambridge: Anglesey Abbey

One of the reasons I didn't get the chance to work on my planned projects for last week's applique theme was that Mr Matin and I were on holiday in Cambridge. We borrowed my parents' VW camper (not a vintage one, sadly!) and stayed for four days. We joined the National Trust while we were there, and cycled out to Anglesey Abbey, about ten miles from the campsite. The countryside around Cambridge has some wonderful scenery. And I'm pleased to report that my (faux) victory rolls held up remarkably well underneath the cycle helmet!

Anglesey Abbey was purchased in the 1930s by the son of an American oil family, and although he furnished it mainly in a grand country house style the bathrooms are rather fabulous examples of Art Deco period design - I particularly coveted the wonderfully Deco dressing table in one.

The gardens were also lovely for a wander. We lunched in the tea room, then had a snooze on the lawn, followed by a round of croquet (of course).

1940s tea dress, Dead Man's Glory (bought at Vintage at Goodwood last year); 1940s style shoes, available in my shop; Bakelite and plastic bangles, various; Handbag, etsy.

Vintage photo effects courtesy of Lo-Fi App.


  1. What a lovely break, I'm glad you made most of the glorious weather.

  2. Another National Trustee!! We spent all 3 days off last week getting our monies worth!

    Looking a doll as always :) Love the pics of you playing croquet!

  3. Sounds like a great trip! I'm envious!

  4. that dress is just too cute :) I saw the reworked 80s one you posted up earlier, but now can't seem to find it? Anywho's, just wanted to say I'm rather impressed and wish I had the spare pennies to make it mine! Well done!

    PS - I mentioned you in my post last night :) I found a sewing machine that I am having to get rid of that I thought would be right up your street!

    Plus, I still have something to post to do I go about doing that?

    Much love from round the corner in Brighton


  5. I really love the dress - and it totally suits you. x

  6. Re the mysteriously disappearing post, look out for it tomorrow morning (accidentally published instead of scheduling - oops!)

    xx Charlotte

  7. Such beautiful photos...looks like an amazing trip! That dress is FABULOUS! Are you going Goodwood this year?

  8. Such a lovely dress. I am super impressed with your croquet efforts, the only time I have played it, I whacked my own ankles several times then managed to hit my younger brother in the head. Decided to abandon croquet as a potential past time thereafter. Unsuprisingly.

  9. beautiful shoes. what a place to live at! I'd probably sit outside of it all day just looking at it though haha. I love your dress!

  10. What a glorious weather, and your lovely dress perfectly suits with it. In a real manner you are enjoying life.

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