Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lavenham, Suffolk

Some more photos from our camping trip in the Royal wedding week. We took a day trip to Lavenham in Suffolk, which is among the largest, best-preserved medieval villages in the country. In the town's wool-producing heyday there was a building boom, and most of the timber-framed buildings date from this time. A quirk of fate which saw the town's fortunes go from boom to bust over a comparatively short time left the residents unable to afford to continue building, so while tudor cottages elsewhere were being torn down and replaced by Georgian townhouses, Lavenham's streets were stuck in a time warp. Although many of the buildings have fallen victim to disrepair over the centuries (some were pulled down as recently as the 1920s), many beautiful wattle and daub structures survive, making it a lovely place for a wander.

I want this village as the backdrops for all my outfit posts!


  1. Those houses are just lovely! The tudor style is so enchanting, I'm glad these have been left to be appreciated, and immortalised in pretty photos such as these :)
    You look so very elegant, as always!

  2. I would love to live somewhere like this! I have been so wanting a Tudor style home for ages but I live in the States and though there are quite a few in larger cities that were built in the 30s-40s, there aren't many available in the area I live in. If I ever am able to visit overseas, this will be one of my stops! Your outfit is lovely as well, they always are =)

  3. Oh, it almost looks like something out of a fairy tale!


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