Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moi Je Joue

My style tends to go through phases. I probably don't do enough outfit posts to track it normally, but you can probably see that I'm going through a bit of an early sixties thing lately!

It's also possible you already have an inkling of how enamoured I am with the beehive hair. It's less formal and easier to wear than Victory rolls, plus it's easy to keep in place (with the help of - count 'em - sixteen kirbigrips / bobby pins). I can see it's a style I'm going to be experimenting with further, especially as it suits my face shape (which is a topic I'm planning to cover next week, by the way).

And what's not to love about cat eye liner? I was tempted to add red lipstick to match the red in the outfit, but since I'd gone heavy with the eyes I decided to stick to basic beauty rules and go with a gentler colour for the lips - which is also more in keeping with the late 50s / early 60s vibe.

Okay it's not exactly the Riviera, but Chichester Canal is the next best thing and only yards from our house! And I can pose, Bardot-like, on the railings.

Skirt, vintage, ebay; Top, charity shop; Crinoline, Petticoat Princess (note: this is a great inexpensive crinoline with super fullness, but if you have over about a 26" waist I'd recommend going for the larger size as the waist elastic is pretty hard); Milk glass necklace, gift from Mummy; Earrings, made by me (polka dot buttons from The Eternal Maker); Shoes, Marks & Spencer; Bakelite & plastic bangles, various.


  1. LOVE this!!! The skirt is amazing! And I love the beehive hairdo!!

  2. Beautiful! This skirt and top look so great together.

  3. Oh wow this is soo cute! Really love the skirt!

  4. oh you look fabulous. Your right the that hair style really suits you. x

  5. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Beautiful outfit Charlotte, I am loving how all the details work together like your gorgeous necklace, top and shoes ~ not to mention the stunning circle skirt! Very pretty and it suits you so well. :D

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  6. Such a cute outfit-and I love your makeup-it's just like how I do it!!


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