Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Sixties

I enjoyed wearing my attempt at a beehive so much yesterday that I thought I'd try another variation. I was also trying to channel Brigitte Bardot with some major cat eye liner, but it sadly doesn't show up at all in the pics.

Since I'm not able to shop as much as I'd like lately I've been thinking a lot about how to restyle my wardrobe. This dress has featured so many times in previous outfit posts I've lost count, so I challenged myself to find a new way of wearing it. I rather like it with the pink (the petticoat's pink too, though you can't see).

1950s vintage dress, some vintage shop in Brighton; Belt, charity shop; Plastic & Bakelite bangles, various; Petticoat, charity shop; Sandals, ebay; Cardigan, Primark.

Photos by Matin; Vintage photo effects courtesy of Lo-Fi App.


  1. What a beautiful dress and you've definitley nailed the Bardot Look!

  2. I love the beehive 'do you've been sporting! ;) This outfit is so pretty too; I'm coveting that polka dot cardigan! :)

  3. I think you dress and look even prettier than Briggite Bardot

  4. The hairstyle suits you :) I love the dress and cardi look too :)

  5. You look cute, you remind me of June Carter here x


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