Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Accidental Fingerwaves

I'm still experimenting with pincurling my hair at night - this was my second attempt. It was pretty much a disaster as a pincurl set, but as I brushed it out I noticed the front fell in a perfect 1930s fingerwave. So I went with it. I pulled the rest of the hair into a loose bun (with the help of a lightweight bun net, which is almost invisible), pinned in place with kirbigrips, and ornamented with a red rose.


  1. It looks lovely! So pretty! By the way, have you tried the set here: ? My hair is past my shoulders, and very thick, and I've found this set works beautifully.

  2. Well it looks lovely for an accident!

  3. This is so pretty! My hair is so straight 10000 rollers wouldn't make them curly.

  4. Beautiful! Absolutely love it :)

    the finger wave really really suits you! I think you should keep it like this :) how did you do your set if I may ask?

    The photo is gorgeous too, very envious of your hair!


  5. What a beautiful accident to have!! :)

  6. My pincurl set was based on the tutorial at Vintage Vixen, with upright rolls in the front, which somehow became the fingerwave!

    xx Charlotte

  7. You look lovely! Isn't it always fun when hairstyles just "happen" sometimes?!

    And I am sooo behind on commenting on your older posts, but wanted to say I've been reading them and enjoying! :)

  8. It looks lovely, very feminine. Good luck with the pintucks :)

  9. It looks beautiful! I love happy accidents.


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