Friday, June 17, 2011

Every Day

My outfit posts never document the jewellery I wear every day (or almost every day) so I thought I'd dedicate a post to them. As it happens it's mostly gifts from my mother.

My most special piece of jewellery is the gold torque bangle. This was my mother's 18th birthday present to me. It was once a gold watch, which was given to her for her 21st birthday, and she had it melted down and made into this bangle for my 18th.

The silver Lovebirds necklace was Matin's gift to me on our first Valentine's Day together - I'd instructed him to find me some lovebirds jewellery, and he got this along with a couple of brooches. He did well - I wear this most days.

My rings, from left to right, are:

St. Malo silver ring. Mummy bought this for me on a family holiday to St. Malo in France when I was about 15. The Triskell is a celtic symbol and a popular emblem of Brittany, which is one of the six celtic nations. I've always been interested in Celtic art - my father is Scottish.

18 carat child's ring. So tiny it'll only fit on my little finger (it just about fits Teddy's fingers). Mummy gave me this before I went travelling to India, saying I could always sell it in an emergency!

Victorian belt buckle ring. Another one from Mummy - there's no special story behind this one, but it's pretty cool.


  1. Thanks for sharing I dont wear a lot but what I do wear never comes off.Love that lovebirds necklace

  2. All these are really nice- thanks for sharing!

  3. Having lived in Brittany as well as having Scottish heritage, I definitely understand why that is special to you. :)

  4. Ilove jewelery as it helps giving the outfit a push from good to great. thanks for sharing.


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