Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Pick-Me-Up

It seems like it's been sooo long since I did an outfit post! I have been wearing clothes, honest, but the weather's just been so darn dreary the last couple of weeks - what happened to summer?! Even when we had a spot of sunshine today and I dashed outside to take these pictures, the sun kept ducking in and out behind the clouds so much that most of the photos ended up either under- or overexposed!

This top arrived this morning and its crazy bright print of Parisian street life (there's even a gendarme!) seemed just the thing to brighten the day. I probably won't keep it as it's not really a style that suits me - I only bought it because I had my eye on the print to repro. It's a super top though - it's a mid-length tunic, it'll look fabulous with pink or yellow pedal pushers a la Audrey Hepburn.

I attempted a quickie 60s beehive, but because I didn't really tease the hair enough the 'do wasn't very substantial and it got a little windswept in the blustery weather when I walked into town and back before doing these.

1960s tunic top, ebay; Gingham skirt, charity shop; Shoes, purchased in Thailand; Bakelite, plastic & lucite bangles, various; Belt, hand-me-up from my sister.

Vintage photo effects courtesy of Lo-Fi App.


  1. Very cute!
    Hehe- I love it... "I have been wearing clothes, honest.." ;)


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