Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Hair and Make-up

When I invited readers to submit their questions, Kerrin asked:

I've never been very make-up savvy, and that's one of the bits I have the most trouble with.. Maybe you could mention what brands you are fond of, or outline your favorite way to do your make-up? Also, you've mentioned a few times in your blog that you have thick and heavy hair. Maybe you could share some tips about how you get yours to stay so pretty?

I must confess I'm not all that make-up savvy myself! I use only four products - I really ought to wear a base, but I haven't quite got around to researching the best one for me, so I don't.

After cleansing (with either stupidly expensively Eve Lom oil-based cleanser, or ridiculously bargainous Boots cold cream), eyeliner goes on first. My liquid eyeliner is Yves Saint Laurent and it's pretty good, though there's sometimes some transfer by the end of the day. For tips on how to apply liquid liner I can recommend Casey's eyeliner tutorial, which really helped me develop the technique. Super Kawaii Mama also posted a good one some months ago.

I use Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara, which is really good - if you apply it right (in two or three thin coats) it doesn't make the lashes stick together, and it stays put all day.

My red lipstick is Chanel Rouge Allure and it's awesome - creamy smooth, and the very truest of true reds. I use a lip pencil (also Chanel, no. 14) both to line and as a 'base coat', which helps the lipstick last. The other lipstick I wear is a sort of coral shade by Rimmel (Rimmel lipsticks are fine if you don't want to spend £20 on Chanel - my last red lipstick was by Rimmel and it was perfectly okay, but had quite a blue tint and faded to a deep raspberry pink as it wore off).

As for hair, my main recommendation is kirbigrips (bobby pins), and lots of them. I've just discovered 'blending' kirbigrips (from Boots, for UK readers). They have a powder coating for a matt finish, which I find makes them grip the hair even better than the smooth kind. Another tip for extra security is, wherever you pin, use two, angling them so they cross. That's basically my only hair technique - pin the heck out of it - I can get through 20 kirbigrips for a single hairstyle. Whatever the style, I also use a good spritz of hairspray - Elnett is the best hairspray there is, especially for the price.

Since having it cut, I've also started experimenting with pin curls and bendy foam rollers - both seem pretty effective, though they're kind of time-consuming to put in as my hair is still quite long. I'll keep you updated on progress there, though.

For styles that suit thick hair, it's worth checking Casey's tutorials.

Vintage photo effects courtesy Lo-Fi App.

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